Bullet Journal – Harry Potter Gryffindor weekly


This week I am showing you my Gryffindor weekly, it is one of my favorite spreads in my bullet journal for sure. Too bad this video is already the last one of my Harry Potter series. I hope you liked it and that you are loving the stickers if you ordered them. I also made a new product, which is a bookmark based on this Gryffindor spread. If you need more inspiration for your journal, just scroll down cause I am also presenting you my Ravenclaw spread. Enjoy!

harry potter bullet journal

harry potter bullet journal

The Marauder’s Map drawing that inspired me to make a bookmark.

harry potter bookmark

This is how it turned out! I think it is so cute with its golden tassel, haha. Reminds me of Dumbledore’s hat!
You can order it in my Etsy shop.

harry potter bullet journal hufflepuff

As well as the Harry Potter houses stickers. 

harry potter bullet journal ravenclaw harry potter journal ravenclaw

harry potter stickers

I have so many ideas for new products already! I can’t wait to show them to you. If you want to see the pictures and updates from behind the scenes, just follow my stories on Instagram!




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