Vegan Friday – Chocolate peanut brittle

This Vegan Friday I am not sharing a main dish recipe with you. This time, I share a little recipe of one of my favorite easy-to-make-treats: Chocolate Peanut Brittle! This cosy heart (and stomach) warming snack is soooo good! Perfect to serve with chocolate chip cookies and a warm cup of tea.
Let me tell you, you have got to try this!

Vegan Friday Chocolate peanut brittle

INGREDIENTS – 10 to 15 Brittle – 30 MINUTES

  • 300g Dark chocolate
  • 200g Peanuts
  • 2 tbs Vegan butter
  • 1 tbs Powdered sugar

Vegan Friday Chocolate peanut brittle


  1. Boil some water and place a small pan or bowl with chocolate pieces on top of it. The steam of the boiling water will melt the chocolate.
  2. Add the vegan butter to it and let it melt as well.
  3. Mix everything together, add the powdered sugar and mix again.

Vegan Friday Chocolate peanut brittle

4. Take the mixture of the pan, be careful because it’s hot! Then, add the peanuts to it.
5. Again, mix, mix, mix. Now, place some tin foil on a plate or cutting board.
6. Grab a tablespoon and make the brittle by just placing the mixture on the foil.
7. Place the cutting board in the fridge and wait for at least 2 hours for the chocolate peanut brittle to harden.
8. And you are done!

Vegan Friday Chocolate peanut brittle






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