My perfect imperfect beach body

‘How to get beach body ready’, ‘Bikini body workouts’ and ‘Get rid of cellulite and stretch marks!’ We get these headlines thrown at us like crazy during the sunny time of the year. On Instagram you can find a lot of comments on photos from #fitgirls such as: ‘Bodygoals!’ and ‘Wow, your body is perfect!’. And the awful thing is… I look at those pictures and phrases like the above pop up into my head too. View Post

Plan with me May 2018

We are in the month of May already! Crazy, right? Time flies. Well, for this monthly I really wanted to share my Plan with me video. I noticed that I use a lot of paper in my journal that I actually recycle. I tell you all about it in my video, I hope you’ll love it! View Post

Vegan Friday – Why I eat vegan

 A little disclaimer: I do not follow a vegan diet completely, I sometimes eat egg and fish but I try to eat vegan as much as I can. I just want to share the things that I have experienced and learned. 🙂 View Post

Wanderlust Travel Set

Because I really want to travel this year, I was inspired to make a Wanderlust Travel set. This set includes 3 postcards, a set of stickers, bakers twine and 2 cute labels. You can use this set to send cute cards to your friends and family, or use the content for your bullet/travel journal. I love to work in my own journal and wanted to share how I use the products myself. I hope this little demonstration will inspire you.  BUY YOUR WANDERLUST TRAVEL SET HERE View Post