Studio Apartment Tour

As a curious person myself, I find it a lot of fun to take a peek into someones life. Well, in my opinion, the space where you live in tells a lot about you. So, here is a little peek into my life. This is the minimalistic studio apartment I live in with my lovely husband (who also recorded this – thank you honey!). View Post

Bullet Journal – Pinterest tried – Tv Shows & movies

Pinterest is definitely one of my favorite places to get inspired for working in my bullet journal. I thought it would be fun to show some pages that I made inspired by my pins on Pinterest. I’ll also show you my trackers and ‘movies to watch’ list in this article so if you need inspiration for some new things to watch, keep on reading! View Post

TRISTARTIST SHOP – Harry Potter Bookmark

I am so happy that many of you ordered my Harry Potter stickers! It inspired me to make another Harry Potter product and it is… like you have probably seen by the title of this post – a bookmark! The drawing that I have used is the Marauder’s map spell that I drew in my last Harry Potter video. Haven’t seen that video yet? You can watch it here. You can order my Harry Potter stickers and bookmark in my Etsy shop. I hope you enjoy!   Order your own Harry Potter bookmark here and get a free gift!   View Post

Bullet Journal – Harry Potter Gryffindor weekly

  This week I am showing you my Gryffindor weekly, it is one of my favorite spreads in my bullet journal for sure. Too bad this video is already the last one of my Harry Potter series. I hope you liked it and that you are loving the stickers if you ordered them. I also made a new product, which is a bookmark based on this Gryffindor spread. If you need more inspiration for your journal, just scroll down cause I am also presenting you my Ravenclaw spread. Enjoy! View Post