Vegan Friday – Homemade Sushi

Time for confessions. One of my favorite foods is sushi and yes, it’s probably the reason why I am not a full vegan. It’s not like you can’t eat sushi when you are vegan, but it is a bit more of a challenge. In this article I will show you how I make vegan (and non vegan) sushi at home. I hope you like it! PS. I wish I had some leftovers… View Post

Bullet Journal – Harry Potter Hufflepuff theme

Yes! This weeks Harry Potter video is the Hufflepuff weekly! In this article I will also show you the one I made for Slytherin because I did not film it. I hope you enjoy and get some inspiration from it for your own journal. View Post

VEGAN FRIDAY – My favorite breakfast

I realized that I only posted vegan lunch and dinner ideas, OOPS! So I decided to share my favorite breakfast recipe with you. It is (like always) very simple, but really delicious and very healthy. When I indulge into this breakfast I don’t have to eat again within an hour, which is definitely a big plus if you want to have a productive morning. View Post

Bullet Journal – February 2018

We often associate February with the letters L.O.V.E, but I didn’t feel like making a Valentines Day monthly. So, I chose plants as my theme for this month. I love how they literally give life to a space and brighten my day. Drawing and painting them is one of my favorite things to do. Grab your bullet journal and journal with me while watching this video, enjoy! View Post