Vegan Friday – Vegetable soup with arugula pesto

Okay, today I am sharing a very special recipe with you guys. A vegan vegetable soup with arugula pesto. Why is it so special, you may ask? Because it is my favorite. Seriously, whenever Kelvin makes this soup (he always makes it so I needed his help for this article, haha), I just want to keep eating. It is so good! View Post

Bullet Journal – January 2018

Who else loves new beginnings? I surely do! My theme for the month of January is growth and so I chose to use a lot of wild flowers. I was greatly inspired by Nu.Journal on Instagram. I love her feed and work that seems to be carefree, impulsive but still very pleasing to the eye. I think there is a lot I can learn from her. Watercolor used to frighten me because it is hard to control, but I am trying to overcome my fears this year and so I used it anyway. I must say that I am happy how it turned out. I also used a lot of color and not just one color scheme. It is a miracle, haha. View Post

Make a Bullet Journal vision board with me!

  I don’t know what it is about new year’s, but it always gives me the thrill of becoming a better version of myself. I get a kick of motivation to start something new. What ‘that something new’ is going to be this year, I am sharing it with you in this video!   View Post

Vegan Friday – Apple turnovers

Cookies, cake, donuts, they all contain eggs or butter, which makes it difficult to find vegan pastries. But it’s deffinitley not impossible! I found vegan puff pastry in a Dutch store called Jumbo, but there are more supermarkets that sell it. You can make delicious pastries with this, like chocolate croissants and one of my favorites apple turnovers! View Post