Modern christmas tree

modern christmas tree

It’s the first year Kelvin and I are living together during the holiday season. This means that it is time to buy some christmas decorations! We will be celebrating Christmas at Kelvin’s parents’ place and stay there for a week, so we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a christmas tree because we won’t be able to enjoy it that much if we are not home, haha. Immediately, I was thinking about a different kind of christmas tree.
A modern christmas tree that would not die, and I don’t really like fake trees because… well, they look fake, haha. Real trees can be pretty expensive too. So when Kelvin and I were shopping we found the perfect modern and non-dying christmas tree! And I must say, I love it!

modern chistmas tree

Most of the ornaments are from the same store as the christmas tree, Blokker. I also found these cute wooden snowflakes (€1,99) there in different colours. I first bought them for taking pictures to post on Instagram and such, but then I got the idea to make my own ornaments.

modern chistmas tree

I glued two snowflakes together with universal adhesive from Sostrene Grene. A Danish store with decorations, art and craft supplies and many other goodies.

modern chistmas tree

modern chistmas tree

Some of them I glued on top of each other and others I just placed at the ends. Then, I held them for a little to make sure they stayed in place. After the snowflakes dried I just used some rope to fasten them to the tree. Easy as that!

modern christmas tree prices

I love the way it turned out! It is minimalistic, but still decorative and festive. We also bought the wooden reindeer from Blokker (€1,99). While at Sissy-Boy I saw it for something like €9,99, so that was a steal. And… I got one of the pine cones for free, crazy right!? All-in all, we spent €17,51 on this cute christmas setting. It is modern, minimalistic and environmentally friendly because we can use everything again next year. I also like that it is not a standard christmas tree. Rather, it is creative and inventive!

If you want to share your christmas tree please take a picture and tag me ( in it on Instagram! I would love to see your christmas decorations.




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