Vegan Lentil Curry

vegan lentil curry

Food. Who doesn’t love food? Well, I definitely do, and I love healthy food most of all. The best thing about eating healthy is that I don’t only enjoy the food while I am eating it but when I put my plate on the kitchen counter I still feel good and don’t have to feel guilty or bloated. That’s why eating more plant based meals is my ultimate goal. Today I am going to share one of my favorite foods, vegan lentil curry!


Ingredients – 2 people

  • 150g Rice – If you want to be really healthy you can use brown rice
  • 400g Lentils
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • 1 onion
  • Red bell pepper
  • 1 Garlic clove
  • Piece of ginger
  • Red pepper
  • Cilantro- Not necessary
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • Curry powder
  • Curcuma powder
  • 400ml coconutmilk
  • 1 lemon

vegan lentil curry

  1. Cut the carrots in slices and the cauliflower in pieces, throw it in a pan with hot water and cook it for 3 minutes.
  2. While the veggies are cooking, cut the garlic, ginger, red pepper and onion finely. Fry it in some olive oil – or in my case, chilli oil for a little bit more zing.

vegan lentil curry

3. Boil the rice as indicated on the package. While the rice is brought to a boil you can cut the bell pepper.
4. Add the bell pepper, carrots and cauliflower to your fried onions etc., then add the coconut milk.
5. Your vegetables will cook some more in the coconutmilk. Now spice it up with curry powder, curcuma powder, salt and black pepper.
Make sure to taste the mixture while you are adding the spices. You can always add more later, so start adding it slowly.

vegan lentil curry

6. Add the lentils at the end so they won’t be too soft. You can only do this with lentils that have already been boiled otherwise you would have to do this beforehand. Leave it on the stove for a little while so the flavor of the herbs has time to saturate the food.
7. Time to drain the rice and put everything together on a plate or in a bowl. I love toppings, so I used some lemon juice and cilantro. I know that cilantro tastes like soap to some people, so, if that is the case for you just leave it out, haha.

vegan lentil curry

And that is all! This recipe is super easy and quick, you can make it in 30 minutes. It is also full of protein and other healthy stuff.

vegan lentil curry

What kind of recipe would you like to see next? I still have a home made pesto recipe for you, which was actually planned for today but I didn’t like the pictures so I still owe you that one.




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