VEGAN FRIDAY – My favorite youtubers at the moment

vegan friday favorite youtubers

Hello lovely people, no recipe for vegan Friday today! I was inspired to share my inspiration with you. The funny thing is, all of my favorite YouTubers that I watch at the moment are vegan! Okay, it is not a coincidence of course, because what you focus on you attract, but what I love about these ladies is that they have more things in common. They are #girlbosses, they have a great positive attitude in life, work hard and share their knowledge about personal development. They inspire me and I hope they will inspire you too!


Sadia creates beautiful videos about plant-based nutrition, achieving goals, minimalism and much more. She is a Canadian foodie and Dietetics graduate, who currently lives in the Netherlands (just like me, woohoo). What I love about her videos is that she is very nice to listen to. She explains everything so well in such a great way. After watching a video of hers you feel like you can do something little to make yourself a better person, which I love, because I am continuously looking for ways to better myself.


Sam has such a positive energy in her videos that you instantly want to work out and get fit. She doesn’t only make workout and food videos though. She also talks about the TMI (too much information) things in life, like periods – yes, girl keep it real. One of my favorite topics she talks about as well is manifestation and the law of attraction. I talked a  bit about this in my Bullet Journal vision board video, but in short, the law of attraction is how you get what you want in life. You have the power!


Last but definitely not least, Kalyn Nicholson. This girl, seriously changed my life. Because of Kalyn, I read the book ‘You are a badass’ by Jen Sincero. This book is amazing and I think that everyone should read it. It doesn’t only motivate you to become the best you, it helps you to slay your life, just like the videos of Kalyn. She practically shows you how she does it. In her vlogs she shows her routines for planning, workout and food, but she also talks about meditation, mental health and shares inspirational quotes. I also have to mention that her videos are very aesthetically pleasing. Love it!

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What have you been watching on YouTube lately? 



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