NEW! Wanderlust travel set

It’s been a while since I made a new product for my Etsy Shop, Inspired by some travel illustrations I made a few years ago I came up with a whole new set! This handmade Wanderlust Travel Set is perfect for planning your trip, sending out cute postcards and scrapbooking or bullet journaling.

Wanderlust travel set

The Wanderlust Travel set contains

  • 1 Travel sticker sheet with 13 stickers in total
  • 2 Postcards #1. Camping or #2. Mountains
  • 2 Labels, a big and a small one
  • 2 Different kinds of bakers twine

Left #1. Camping – Right #2. Mountains

The Styles

The Wanderlust sets are available in two styles, #1. Camping and #2. Mountains. So, the only difference between the sets are the postcards you will receive.
#1. Camping is inspired by the green forests and starry nights. #2. Mountains takes you to a cozy cabin up in the mountains.

Wanderlust travel set

Wanderlust travel set
I will soon make a demo video about how you can use the Wanderlust Travels sets for in your bullet journal. You can find more pictures and details in my shop.


Buy your Wanderlust Travel set here



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