Vegan Food in Nice france

Yes, it is time for another Vegan Friday and this will be a special one, it is a holiday edition! In this video I’ll show you that you can still eat a lot of good vegan food when you are traveling. I know it can be difficult sometimes, so here are a few tips as well:

  1. Look for the legend on menus. Some menus have one that say which dish is vegan, vegetarian or contain gluten. Very handy!
  2. Ask the waiter if they can make a dish vegan for you. A lot of food can be made vegan by just leaving out the cheese.
  3. Use the Happy Cow App to see which nearby restaurants are vegan or have vegan options. This app is amazing! I found a vegan restaurant in Nice, called Vegan Gorilla, through this app. It is international, free and very easy.

I hope these tips helped you a bit. Let me know if you have any tips for me in the comments!





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