VEGAN FRIDAY – Spicy Pita Falafel

Okay, you can hardly call this a recipe because it is so simple, but I just wanted to put this article out there in case you haven’t heard about the deliciousness of falafel and pita. This meal is made in 20 minutes, including the homemade vegan garlic sauce. Let’s get started!   View Post

TristArtist Shop – Harry Potter Stickers

YES, I finally made it happen! My Etsy shop is officially open. I made these amazing Harry Potter stickers from the drawings in my bullet journal. It was a lot of work, but it was also SO much fun! You can go to my shop and check them out. I hope you love them as much as I do. BUY YOUR HARRY POTTER STICKERS HERE View Post

Bullet Journal – Harry Potter Monthly Theme + STICKERS!

Yes, I am aware that it is February the 1st and not November, haha. I’ve worked on this project for a long time, but it is finally ready! As a Harry Potter fan I wanted to create a Harry Potter theme for my bullet journal and share it with you. I hope that I can inspire you with the upcoming series which contains three video’s, a lot of pictures and… STICKERS! BUY THE HARRY POTTER STICKERS HERE View Post

Vegan Friday – Pasta Pesto

Pasta, pasta, pasta. I can’t get enough of it! Spaghetti is the perfect comfort food for me, but sometimes I get bored with the red sauce so… I came up with this recipe. Pesto often contains cheese, but it definitely doesn’t have to in order to be delicious. The pesto also goes perfectly hand in hand with the sun dried tomatoes and broccoli. I seriously wish I could give you a bite right now because it is so good, but I guess you just have to make it yourself, haha. View Post