Vegan Friday – Apple turnovers

Cookies, cake, donuts, they all contain eggs or butter, which makes it difficult to find vegan pastries. But it’s deffinitley not impossible! I found vegan puff pastry in a Dutch store called Jumbo, but there are more supermarkets that sell it. You can make delicious pastries with this, like chocolate croissants and one of my favorites apple turnovers! View Post

Bullet Journal – Plan with me December 2017 Weekly

Last week I showed you my monthly for December 2017, this week I am showing you my weekly! You can use this Winter Wonderland theme for January as well. I still haven’t figured out what mine is going to be though. Suggestions are very welcome! View Post

Vegan Lentil Curry

Food. Who doesn’t love food? Well, I definitely do, and I love healthy food most of all. The best thing about eating healthy is that I don’t only enjoy the food while I am eating it but when I put my plate on the kitchen counter I still feel good and don’t have to feel guilty or bloated. That’s why eating more plant based meals is my ultimate goal. Today I am going to share one of my favorite foods, vegan lentil curry! View Post

Bullet Journal – Plan with me December 2017

  I know, I know, December started a few days ago – aghum – but, better late than never right? Here is my first bullet journal video for December. I chose ‘Winter Wonderland’ for my theme this month and I am loving it! It actually has been snowing here in the Netherlands, which you might have seen on my Instagram. The landscape inspired me and I really wanted to use my new snowflake stamps I got for Sinterklaas (a Dutch holiday). Products I have used will be mentioned down below. View Post