Modern christmas tree

Most of the ornaments are from the same store as the christmas tree, Blokker. I also found these cute wooden snowflakes (€1,99) there in different colours. I first bought them for taking pictures to post on Instagram and such, but then I got the idea to make my own ornaments. I glued two snowflakes together with universal adhesive from Sostrene Grene. A Danish store with decorations, art and craft supplies and many other goodies. Some of them I glued on top of each other and others I just placed at the ends. Then, I held them for a little to make sure they stayed in place. After the snowflakes dried I just used some rope to fasten them to the tree. Easy as that! I love the way it turned out! It is minimalistic, but still decorative and festive. We also bought the wooden reindeer from Blokker (€1,99). While at Sissy-Boy I saw it for something like €9,99, so that was a steal. And… I got one of the pine cones for free, crazy right!? All-in all, we spent €17,51 on this cute christmas setting. It is modern, minimalistic and environmentally friendly because we can use everything again next year. I… View Post

Wedding pictures

I did my own make up for my big day. I used the beauty glow palette from Charlotte Tilbury for the most of my look. Warm colours suit me best, so this was the perfect palette. For my hair I went to Trust Hair, a hair dresser in The Hague which was close to my grandfather’s house. It is always a good idea to go for a try-out so you don’t have to stress about your hair on the big day. I actually had to have two try-outs, haha. The first time I went to the salon thinking I wanted an updo, but when I looked at the pictures later I realised that it did not suit me that well. So, I went back for a second try out and choose a half updo, which suits me way better. Going back to my grandfather’s place I still wore my casual clothing which was quite funny cause I also wore a veil and had to hold it in my hand. You can imagine the stares I got, haha. And then… the dress! I bought my dress in Zwolle, where I grew up. Hony Bruidsmode is a great wedding shop. The Diane Legrand 6219 dress got adjusted… View Post

Vegan rice salad

Lately, I have been trying to follow a more vegan diet. Some of you might not know what vegan means so let me explain it real quick. It basically means that you don’t eat any animal products, so no meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey, etc. etc. It is a step further than eating like a vegetarian you could say. I want to eat more vegan because I think it is better for my health, animals and the environment. Although I do occasionally eat eggs, fish and honey, but I never eat dairy products because of my cow milk allergy. Eating vegan isn’t always easy, but there are many options to choose from still. With many recipes you can just leave out the animal product, like in this one for example. I got inspiration from this delicious rice salad recipe from a Dutch supermarket called Albert Heijn. I made this before with crab and mayonaise but the vegan version is tasty as well! View Post

Bullet Journal – Plan with me September 2017

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